We, the youth from different counties of Kenya acknowledge and recognize that we were responsible through our silence or through our actions- for murder, rape, mutilation, and/or displacement of our brothers, sisters, and fellow Kenyans pre- and post election in 2007/8.

As the 2013 elections approach we declare that we shall:

Use our intellect, energy, networks, creativity, and resources to build a Kenyan nation.

Encourage fellow Kenyans to be Kenyan first before we belong to any ethnic, political, religious, or other groupings to ensure that peace is encouraged and maintained.While ethnic identities cannot be ignored, they should not be used to exclude or harm other people.

Uphold Chapter Six of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity by not only questioning the integrity and behavior of politicians, but also by refusing to be bribed to attend rallies and instigate political violence against other political, ethnic, and religious groups.

Use social media to speak out against ethnicism, misogyny, and religious intolerance by naming, shaming, and reporting those encouraging violent conflict among communities.

Hold community radio stations and other media, politicians and community leaders responsible by naming, shaming, and reporting to the responsible institutions for perpetuating hate and violent conflict.

Vet and appraise our leaders regardless of whether they belong to our ethnic group so we know what they will do for the constituents before elections; and hold them accountable for service delivery after elections.

Create space for dialogue within our localities and develop amicable solutions to differences that we may have.

Integrate peaceful co-existence and conflict resolution with other community development initiatives.

Hold our political parties accountable for implementing Article 55 of the Constitution by ensuring they have a clause in their party Constitutions focusing on the youth.

Participate through voting, forming/joining a political party or campaigning for a political cause.

Recognize the importance of the Each-One-Teach-Five process by spreading the importance of responsible speech, upholding the Constitution, and promoting peace and justice to five people we meet and asking each one of them to spread the message to five.

Adopt best practices from other countries.

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