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“Together We Can”

We exist to promote health, good governance, and better quality of life for all specifically among the poor and disadvantaged in Africa, through information, education, communication and policy advocacy.

Our Mission

Africa Health and Development International (AHADI) was registered in Kenya in December 2003 as a non- governmental organisation (NGO) based in Nairobi.

The organisation works through the arts, media and culture and uses entertainment- education to improve the status of women and girls; foster reproductive and sexual health; enhance values based education; and promote sustainable development.

We work with communities, the media and development organizations and partners in Africa to motivate individuals and groups to make choices that have a bearing on health, including HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental protection, basic rights, good governance and sustainable development.

Our Values


Helping people realize and express their individual power.


Promoting good quality of life for current and future generations.


Enhancing participation of all people in society

Our Objectives

These are the specific objectives we work towards in exercising our values

Objective 1

Providing a link between culture, health, and good governance for national development

Objective 2

Encouraging sustainable development and environmental protection by linking population trends and environmental conservation

Objective 3

Improving sexual and reproductive health for all through dissemination of vital and timely information, policy advocacy and collaboration with service delivery organisations;

Objective 4

Developing innovative communication programs to motivate behaviour change related to HIV/AIDS and other priority diseases, quality health, good governance, gender equity and equality, and environmental protection

Objective 5

Ensuring gender equity and equality through policy advocacy and fostering dialogue and mutual respect within families and communities;

Objective 6

Promoting good governance and democracy through research and dissemination of information to citizens;

Objective 7

Encouraging holistic education and well-being of children and young people through targeted programs

Objective 8

Conducting capacity building trainings in communities on matters of health, gender, governance and development;

Objective 9

Strengthening program performance through increased monitoring and evaluation

Objective 10

Promoting training on the role of media in inclusive and sustainable social, economic and political development

Our Partners

AHADI believes that partnerships of both local and international organizations are key to the success of programming interventions.

Partnerships draw on and strengthen local resources and capacity. They also leverage work that currently exists or is ongoing in the field and foster local ownership.

Through partnerships, we strengthen our knowledge and expertise, the services and information we can provide to our target audience and integrated approaches for global health initiatives.

Meet Us

With a lean and high-performing core team, our organization is focused on achieving results.

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