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Sexual & Reproductive Health

Sexual health is viewed as a taboo subject in most of Africa. Combined with often dated gender norms and limited economic opportunities for women, this creates and perpetuates a cycle of inequality, abuse and ignorance.

Our intervention is to improve the access to information on sexual health, promoting access to necessary tools and most importantly using culturally-reflective approaches to improve the status of girls and women in the community.

Values-based Education

The values of a society determines the quality of life of its members. By promoting the practice of positive individual and social values among individuals, we aim to create a more harmonious society.

Using materials approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, involving parents and teachers for a holistic approach and with the awareness of competing values, we aim to create a more ethical generation.

Inclusive Development

One of the largest problems facing our continent is inequality. We believe that by growing together , our society will be better.

We work with communities, the media and development organizations and partners in Africa to motivate individuals and groups to make choices that have a bearing on health, environmental protection, basic rights, good governance and sustainable development.